Platycodon Astra

Latin name: Platycodon grandiflorus Astra
Common name: Balloonflower

Where to put her?

Platycodon is ideal for the terrace, garden or patio. You can place it somewhere sunny in your living room as well. If you want to plant your Astra in your garden in September, you should pick a sunny spot for it. Astra likes a light, sandy soil. Water the plant regularly, especially the first few days after planting. For a nice, compact and full shape, you should cut out the offshoots once or twice.

Water and nutrition  

Water regularly. Add some plant nutrition. Do not let the plant dry out: its leaves will turn yellow. But do make certain, on the other hand, that its roots do not drown in a layer of water that remains at the bottom of the pot. You can take the plant from its pot and water it using a saucer. Let the plant stand for the soil to soak up the water, but no longer than half an hour. Add some nutrition regularly in order to keep the leaves healthy and dark green.


Astra can survive the cold of winter outside in your garden as long as it gets enough water. In autumn, after the leaves have died and fallen off, it forms a tuber. This way it lives through winter. It will come back to life by the end of May.

We are required to inform you that the plant you have bought is intended for decoration, not for consumption.