Latin name: Hippeastrum Amaryllis
Common name: Amaryllis

Such a wonderful flower!

It is hardly imaginable that so many flowers might originate from a single bulb. In autumn you can get Amaryllis in every flower shop or even in the supermarket. 

The funny thing about this plant is that you really see and witness something growing and flowering in your own living room. Eventually you can learn how to grow all kinds of marvellous red, white or pink bunches of flowers on your bulb. All kinds of mixtures of colours and shapes are available nowadays. They are really something special for your interior.

Originally Hippeastrum was found on the southern American continent. Today much of the bulb production has been brought back to exactly these areas. Closer to the equator! That helps to reduce the costs for warmth for greenhouses as well as the global consumption of energy. Plus Hippeastrum can produce up to one square meter of leaf so that it filters much CO2 out of the air.

Did you know that the average bulb can be up to three years old by the time you find it in your local flower shop? Or that much manual labour and fine craftsmanship is needed for having Amaryllis grow as large as it is? The bulbs are harvested and then replanted every year. Thanks to this process they have developed more and more flowering stems and have become of greater, finer quality.