Bedding plants 1

Latin name: Red, Pink and White
Common name: Bedding plants

Spring smiles at you with these lovely annual summer flowers for your terrace, garden table, herbaceous border, balcony or garden. Annual summer flowers women's jewelry are available in all sorts of colours and sizes. If you intend to cheer up your terrace, balcony or garden for the season, you can use these flowering plants in many different creative compositions.

You can use identically coloured flowers for your flower beds, or you can mix colours or create fine groups of colours. Click here for the possibilities with the colours yellow and orange and click here for the possibilities with the colours blue and purple.
You can plant your flowers from one colour group in a big bowl on your terrace, garden table or balcony, or any spot you may find appropriate. Of course you may prefer to mix colours to form a happy whole.
There are innumerable possibilities for ‘artwork’ with summer flowers. Another option that we find beautiful, is to fill a big basket with an abundance of differently coloured annual flower plants and hang it on your balcony. Or you can fill a tray with flowers and have it hang from the balcony so that you can enjoy it from the street.

If you prefer to plant your just-purchased sweet flowers in a bowl, basket or pot, you had best place some ceramic shards or clay grains at the bottom of the pot. This way the plant can drain off superfluous water so that it will not drown when it gets too much.