Latin name: Aeschynanthus Twister
Common name: Lipstickplant

You will not come across this beautiful hanging plant in the wild.        

This Lipstickplant is the result of a long and enduring process of selection and refinement by a Dutch grower. This grower is not exactly the lazy kind, for he has as well developed the Aeschynanthus Rasta.          

The compact growth of this hanging plant with its doubly curled fleshy leaves is of great value for its appearance. Aeschynanthus Twister’s compact growth and the magnificent tufts of flower at the end of the stems have made this plant win a Dutch prize in 2005.            

The flowers with their deep scarlet colour that are hidden at the ends in dark, almost violet little shafts come out after a few weeks in full splendour and unfold in groups of 8 to 12 flowers a twig at the same time. This is a breathtaking sight!            

Some people find hanging plants difficult to place in the interior. But there is no obligation to use this plant as a hanging plant. You can just as well put it in a tall vase. Or in a shallow bowl over which you can spread its sprouts. Look at the way the flowers brighten up your coffee table or window-sill!                    

This magnificent plant, which is ornamental even when it has no flowers, can bloom for 4 to 6 weeks straight!